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5 Places to Buy Fabrics Online

September 30 2022 – Vishal Sekhani

5 Places to Buy Fabrics Online

5 Places to Buy Fabrics Online

The ecommerce revolution has spoiled consumers with a plethora of choice of shopping websites. How could fabric and apparel portals be far behind in this digital market dynamism? Now the question is whether this understanding stands the test of reliability?

There are many online retailers today that offer basic or premium fabrics for all your lehenga, suit, and kurta needs. They not only offer all the fabrics that copy the designs bollywood stars have been sporting, but they are also aggressive in suggesting that they are offering a once in life time discount deal that would make you elated. What precisely are we waiting for then?

Yes, you also have a thousand questions in your mind, what about fabric quality, what about colour life, what about the yarn used in the fabric. Is the cotton fabric advertised really 100% cotton? Is the Viscose premium fabric actually polyester? Will the dyes used react with the skin? And so on and so forth. The answer to this series of endless doubts is to prefer a reliable brand that adheres to quality standards. The proof of the pudding is in its eating they say. Obviously a brand that has been a favorite thousands of customers for more than 50 years have thus thousands of brand ambassadors who have actually used it products and continued to throng the brand stores for more and more over the years.  


One such iconic brand that you would fall in love with forever is Hakoba.

Hakoba has been the most respected and desired ethnic fashion brand in India since it was established in 1960. Hakoba specializes in the romanticism of exquisite delicate designs of embroidery fabrics and laces that reminds one of the pomp of royal traditions. The word "hakoba" alone conjures images of adornment ecstasy.

It is not surprising that over the decades Hakoba has come to be associated with high fashion fabrics and apparel that place a high value on design & creativity as is obvious from the wide range of embroidery fabrics & laces used in their production. In fact, in addition to being one of the most admired and respected brands in India, its fame has spread throughout the world, initially to serve the Indian diaspora It has also developed a loyal base in global centres amongst consumers who value Indian culture and goods. Thus, in the Indian fashion industry, Hakoba's heritage brand status is widely acknowledged and well-documented.

Embroidery, which is often one of the key element in Hakoba products, has a very fascinating past. In fact, it was enjoyed by the aristocracy in their cotton summer clothing, particularly white cotton fabric with eyelet designs. In a separate room in the manor, the ladies of the house in England received instruction in the fine art of embroidery. It was used in clothing, kerchiefs, bonnets, and other accessories. In essence, embroidery was the sole privilege of global royalty.

Two business-minded brothers made the decision to make this idea accessible to women & men from all social classes of the society about 50 years ago. They created the brand name HAKOBA by combining their names. Many people would like to think that this brand is either Japanese or German, but it is actually an Indian brand. The are stories that brand has had such an impact that whenever its organized  “fashion shows” — a concept, which apparently was first introduced as a brand event by Hakoba in India the customers would go into a frenzy  in their bid to gain entry. It appears that there is also a folktale to the effect that one of the towns made the day of the event a holiday so that people could attend the fashion show. Hakoba has a large offering for women and men in Fabrics, unstitched Sakwar Kurta Dupatta sets, Sarees, Stitched Kurtas, Pants, Salwars etc. Hakoba is also in the process of introducing western, indo western fusion concepts in apparels.

2. FabCurate

The website has a number of amazing features that will instantly hook you. Along with offering customizations, they source fabrics from 28 different states. They have an amazing selection of Indian fabrics!

3. Akrithi

When it comes to inventory, Akrithi has a sizable collection. They offer customers everything they require under one roof in addition to stocking unstitched sarees, dupatta pieces, and other fabrics. The brocade and woven fabric sections are our favorites.

4. Fabloe

An easy-to-use website called Fabloe allows you to purchase fabrics with just the click of a mouse. They have a fantastic selection of cotton handlooms, jaipur handblock prints, kalamkari, ajrakh, and many other items. They were established in 2016. They also have brick-and-mortar stores in Hyderabad and Chennai.

5. iTokri

Another player in the field, iTokri too has different sections for its customers. With the ongoing pandemic, they are even selling beautiful masks.

While the customer is always right, it would help make a considered choice while making your style statement by considering the recommended choices above, particularly the ever green and ever renewing brand Hakoba