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“Diya” from Hakoba - Best Fabric For Diwali

September 17 2021 – Rishav Baliyan

“Diya” from Hakoba  - Best Fabric For Diwali

“Diya” from Hakoba - Best Fabric For Diwali

Diya represents Goodness and Purity. Lighting a Diya symbolizes dispelling of darkness and arrival of divine light into our life.

Since Deepavali is celebrated on the new moon day, which is a day of a dark sky, lighting of Diya i.e. lamp is also a way to to dispel gloom in our lives and instill the elements of hope & positivity that prepare us for creating a better more fortunate & happy year ahead. Lighting the Diya's also represent burning in it fire the negative elements of wrath, greed and other vices. While traditional Diya's are made of cotton wick and ghee (clarified butter),  oil too is no less a popular option nowadays

Hakoba is an ages old trusted brand known for offering the best quality fabrics with exquisite and exclusive elements of cut-work embroidery. Nine of their Hakoba’s new offering inspired by the festival of Diwali is a Premium Embroidered Fabric named “Diya”.  The fabric is woven out of high quality cotton fiber and has a variety of attributes that make it desirable to designers and professionals for crafting most looked forward to Diwali clothing. The fabrics supple softness, skin-pleasing feel and high breathability makes it a garment that the body loves to sense and adorn. While the fabric is the “No Question Asked” choice in hot and humid summer, its rich sheen & texture and alluring whiteness makes it the perfect fabric for ethnic styles that can make your presence felt during a festive occasion.

Cotton apparel are recognized for being light and airy, making them an exceptionally comfortable choice. Embroidered Cotton fabrics fabric win hands down in the style category for the festival of lights since it has the royal opulent look that can easily transform you into a gorgeous Diva.  This is but one of the many reasons why customers across the globe lower Hakoba’s premium cotton Embroidered Fabrics and are giving rave reviews for “Diya” from Hakoba.

The elegant appearance garment fashioned out of Diya enables it to blend very easily in a formal setting as well. The fabric is the first thing you should think of acquiring as a clothing of choice for this upcoming Diwali. It goes without saying that one may want to choose silk fabrics for their glamour or chiffon fabrics for they exude sensual body hugging appearance. But nothing beats the royal flavor of Cotton fabric besides their appeal as being eco-friendly and long-lasting the essence of current philosophy of sustainable environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Synthetic materials do not absorb body moisture, therefore the garment will harbor bacterial odor discomfort besides being unhealthy for your body. Premium embroidered fabric Diya, on the other hand, absorbs and dissipates moisture leaving no opportunity for bacterial growth. It is the ideal healthy alternative for individuals with sensitive skin.

Celebrate this Diwali with the enjoyable offering of Hakoba's large variety of designs of Premium Embroidered Fabrics besides as well as recently launched ready to wear Kurtas, Tunics, Shirts, Dresses. This embroidered product range composed completely of premium fine cotton and is the finest choice for professionals such as a Lawyers, Doctors, Businessman etc. While you indulge your self in this lavish delight, let your loved ones & friends partake in it too with your benevolent gifts of Hakoba products.