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How to choose the perfect kurta for any occasion.

October 11 2021 – Rishav Baliyan

How to choose the perfect kurta for any occasion.

How to choose the perfect kurta for any occasion.

Traditional Indian clothing has a strong influence of evolving Indian culture. The majority of Indian outfits also have history behind them. Every Indian outfit differs based on the geography from which they emerged. Kurta pyjamas are the most popular traditional outfit for men across the country. This trend has recently spread to the rest of the world too. A kurta is often a flowy shirt-like garment. Kurtas are typically knee-length, however, there are numerous patterns in this costume that vary in length these days. Even with the growth of western clothes, kurta pyjamas remain men's primary choice for traditional events and festivals. This combination is also worn by ladies, however, it was first established as men's clothes. With the emergence of new styles and patterns, it is fair to say that kurta pyjamas have grown rather modern in look. Furthermore, kurta pyjamas are now available in a variety of colors. Kurta Pyjamas for guys are widely available on various commercial platforms, both offline and online. Weddings are the finest opportunities to show off the ethnic outfit. Weddings nowadays include more than simply the actual wedding day. There are also many reasons of celebrations like sangeet ceremonies, engagement ceremonies, cocktail parties, and so on. Kurta pyjamas are great for all of these occasions because they come in a variety of styles. So, when you buy a kurta pyjama, make sure you understand the following points.

Length of the Kurta

Kurtas are appropriate for a variety of circumstances. Similarly, the length of the kurta influences the overall tone of the outfit. Short kurtas are often referred to as casual kurtas since they resemble a shirt. Short kurtas are ideal for cultural occasions as well as regular wear. Long kurtas are commonly worn for weddings and festivals because these events require you to dress up in a dignified format. Before selecting a kurta, make sure you know how long it is. Long kurtas look best with churidars, while short kurtas can also be worn with jeans.

Learn about design and embroidery.

Embroidered men's kurta is an excellent choice for weddings. However, one must consider whether the print or work on the outfit is appropriate for them. In an effort to keep up with the latest fashion, we may end up purchasing an outfit that does not suit our body type or personal style. To avoid the aforementioned, it is best to first determine whether the work on the kurta is suitable for you. Furthermore, overdressing is unnecessary for a casual occasion! Consider the nature of the event before choosing an outfit. Basic embroidered Kurta and the safest and most elegant choice for any occasion.

Choosing the Correct Color

Colors have an important role in both Indian and Western dress. Men, too, are experimenting with colors these days, and the hues that are popular right now are pastels. If you are not sure if you will be able to pull off the appearance, stick to the colors you are familiar with. You do not want to be self-conscious while wearing a certain outfit! When in doubt about which color to choose, neutral tones are your best bet. One of the best choices is Anokhi Basic Collared Kurta from Hakoba.

Online kurta pyjama sets come in a variety of styles. Choosing the ideal kurta from a sea of options is a difficult undertaking. It is also vital to be aware of current trends in order to purchase appropriate clothing.

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