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  • Ethnic Wear For Women

    July 27 2021

    Indian cultural clothing is ageless and evergreen. It has changed significantly throughout time, providing Indian ladies with a diverse range of cultural costumes. Fashion designers have shown tremendous inventiveness and invention. Originally, traditional attire was limited to sarees and salwar suits, but now we have dhoti trousers, designer stoles, straight pyjamas, ethnic shrugs, and other options. Here are the 7...

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  • How to Care for Different Types of Fabrics

    How to Care for Different Types of Fabrics

    May 11 2021

    Fabrics are meant to be cleaned in a certain way and the usual technique of cleaning are twisting , wrangling and using heat , which do more harm than good to the fabric Below listed are different ways to treat each kind of fabric 1. CottonCotton is the most loved fabric around the world because of its comfort and versatility....

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